The company started 1984 under the name of UAQ Education Centre. Formerly serving the education needs of Qatari’s living in Doha & later in Al Khor. Later in the 90’s UAQ has expanded & kept abreast to the trend in education & added Computer training to its list & got to be known as UAQ Computer Training Centre , And sometime in 2010 upon the assumption of Hadi S Ezzeddine as the General Manager, UAQ Computer Training Centre was transformed into a Health and Safety Training organization to become (UAQ Safety  Training Centre).

It’s main office is situated in Doha at Al- Nasir Street Building 18 Zone 39 Street 841 which was strategically designed to target the HSE Services needs of companies engaged in several projects in its vicinity , while its other branch is located in Building 138, Zone 74, Street 791 Al Khor, Qatar.

A privately owned enterprise by Shk. Jassim Abdulla Ghanim Al Thani who has a keen eye on the quality of education and individual expertise of professional instructors to carry out his Vision of Education in a Qatari approach with a global learning platform.

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